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The Future of Remote Work Begins at Boundaryless 

We live in a remote-first world where talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. The remote work revolution has brought both risk and reward to the forefront of every industry in some way, but to engage effectively companies need to embrace a Boundaryless approach—the underpinning fabric that makes the best versions of remote and distributed work possible.

We hope to see you again next year, but in the meantime feel free to watch the sessions on-demand and join the #Boundaryless conversation with us on social!

  Key Topics Include:
  • Global Culture for Remote Teams 
  • Winning the Talent War 
  • Upskilling – The Right Way to Retain Talent 
  • Building Productivity Into Your Processes 
  • Legal and Compliance in a Remote First World 
  • Cloud Collaboration

Boundaryless 2022 Agenda


(9:30-10:15 AM) Opening Keynote: The State of Work Today, the Future of Work Tomorrow

Recent surveys have indicated over 60% of the current global workforce would quit their current job over returning to an office.
How did we arrive at this turning point in the way that workers have embraced remote work?

What are the repercussions that companies will face by not committing to remote-first work policies for their employees?

John Ordona (Global Head of Communications, Turing)

Dr. Nicholas Bloom (Professor of Economics, Stanford University)

(10:20-10:50 AM) Session 1: TeamOps - Making Teamwork an Objective Discipline

Organizations need people and teams—their creativity, perspectives, and humanity. That need will only grow as we move towards a future with bigger problems to solve, and as teams are distributed across time zones.

Tomorrow’s winners will be determined by how they bring teams together, and on how well they’re able to get every person on those teams to contribute to their mission.

Join us as GitLab’s Head of Remote, Darren Murph, introduces us to the concept of TeamOps - a new, results-focused discipline that treats how team members relate as a process that can be operationalized. He’ll explain how GitLab scaled from startup to IPO using TeamOps practices, and offer up insights for how modern teams can drive innovation through increased decision velocity.

Jake Ward (Co-Founder and CEO, Data Protocol)

Darren Murph (Head of Remote, GitLab)

(10:55-11:30 AM) Session 2: Molding Productivity Into Your Processes

It’s imperative for employees to collaborate on important projects in real-time.. But how does that happen when teams are spread across multiple time zones and geographic regions?
Thanks to the ubiquity of high-speed internet, and the explosion of tools for distributed teams,distance no longer impedes productivity.

This lively conversation will provide insights into the tools and tricks of the trade that allow
engineering leaders to build and manage high-performing teams across the globe.

Lauri Moore (Partner, Foundation Capital)

Paula Dieli (VP of Onboarding and Mobility, Remote)
Raj Singh (CEO, Pulse)
Ankit Jain (Co-Founder and CEO, Aviator)
Kate Judson (Sr. Manager - Global Workplace Strategy and Innovation, Adobe)

(11:35-11:55 AM) Session 3: Local Health, International Teams: Building a U.S. healthcare startup with a worldwide talent strategy

What happens when the unique challenges of the U.S. healthcare system are tackled by a team from around the world? This fireside chat with Curbside Health Cofounder, Dan Imler, will explain how his team has identified, hired and onboarded international talent that can help innovate the complexities of clinical practice in the healthcare industry.

Dan Imler (Cofounder, Curbside Health)

(12:00-12:30 PM) Session 4: It’s All About the Benjamins - Onboarding and Paying Globally Distributed Talent

Payments, taxes and other compliance requirements become exponentially more complex in a globally distributed organization. It can seem impossible to follow the rules in every country where your team has employees if you don’t know they exist!

That’s why we’re interviewing Remofirst’s David Hughson on the platforms and techniques that the most adept remote-first companies rely on to keep their t’s crossed and i’s dotted with teams that straddle the globe.

Max Rollinger (Head of Events and Partnerships - Brand Marketing, Turing)

Dave Hughson (Head of Sales, Remofirst)

12:30-1:30 PM - LUNCH BREAK

(1:35-2:00 PM) Session 5: The Comp Conundrum - How do you scale a winning compensation strategy across remote teams?

Determining appropriate compensation for employees, whether it’s equity or salary, is always a difficult element of the talent acquisition and retention process for companies to navigate as they scale. It becomes even more complicated when building a distributed workforce where concepts of appropriate equity and benefits can vary greatly from country to country. 

So how can companies establish a compensation strategy that provides them with a competitive advantage as they hire talent from around the world? Join Rani Mavram, Co-Founder and CEO of Complete, as she shares the secrets to success for establishing a best-in-class compensation strategy for globally distributed teams.


Rani Mavram (Co-Founder and CEO, Complete)

(2:05-2:40 PM) Session 6: Global Culture for Global Teams

How do you build and maintain a unified corporate culture in a world where your company no longer has dedicated offices?

We’ll hear from a panel of leaders as they share the challenges and opportunities they have encountered in creating vibrant and inclusive corporate cultures in remote-first workplaces.


Eric Nguyen (Former VP Engineering, Getaround)


Oana Manolache (Founder and CEO, Sequel)

Liza Mash Levin (CEO and Co-Founder, Gable)

Teja Gautam (Vice President - Consumer Platforms, InMobi)

Emmanuel Guisset (Founder, Outsite)


(3:05-3:45 PM) Session 7: Using Technology to Hire and Retain Elite Talent in a Global Marketplace

We are in the midst of a job market for technical talent that is more competitive than any we’ve seen in recent memory. In order to stave off their competition, companies can no longer rely on the recruitment and retention methods that have been effective for them in the past.

This session will uncover the most important technologies enabling companies to evolve their strategies for winning the talent war, while ensuring that their most valuable employees are provided the career development opportunities necessary to keep them around for the long haul.


Dr. Rosalind Cohen (Founder, Socius Strategies)


Xiaoyin Qu (Founder and CEO, Run the World)

Sargun Kaur (Co-Founder & CEO, Byteboard)

Dan Reid (Sr. Director of Product Management, LinkedIn)

Carolin Kubanke (Partnerships Manager, Deel)

(3:50-4:15 PM) Closing Keynote: Building Boundaryless

In the past, companies had no easy way to source great people from a global talent pool. They had limited ability to evaluate candidates without familiarity with foreign schools or companies, and they met severe challenges when matching people to opportunities on a massive scale.

Managing boundaryless teams required infrastructure that didn’t exist a decade ago, but does today. We’ll analyze how companies can break out of the mold and build within the Boundaryless Ecosystem — the underpinning fabric that makes remote work possible.


Ashu Garg (Partner, Foundation Capital)


Jonathan Siddharth (CEO and Co-Founder, Turing)

Meet The Speakers

Featured Speakers

Jonathan Siddharth

CEO & Co-Founder

Darren Murph

Head of Remote

Oana Manolache

Founder & CEO

Xiaoyin Qu

 Founder & CEO

Nick Bloom

Professor of Economics

Kate Judson

Senior Manager – Global Workplace Strategy & Innovation

Nurasyl Serik

Co-Founder and CEO

David Hughson

Head of Sales

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