Using LLM Coding Assistants to Increase Software Development Productivity
by 33%

In the race against your competition, you want the best advantage. Application development, accelerated by cutting-edge AI, is your key to building better products, modernizing applications, and unlocking faster time-to-market.



5m+ hours of

Reclaim your operational efficiency, get to market faster.

No matter where you are in your digital transformation or software development, there are several ways to bring automated code generation, intelligent testing, and more to work for you—without losing your data privacy or application security. Discover flexibility and speed for your company when you innovate with intelligent technology and practices.

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Using LLM Coding Assistants to Increase Software Development Productivity by 33%

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AI can help you build something transformative, but only if you have an experienced partner behind you.


80% of CIOs

report they have not achieved the agility or business outcomes they sought from application modernization 1

74% of Enterprises

are not using or are still evaluating AI solutions 2

60% of executives

say they’re still a year or two away from implementing their first generative AI solution 3

Turing has helped 900+ clients build a variety of applications across 40+ industries.

As the world’s first AI-powered tech services company, our unique combination of expert consultants, engineering talent, and AI-accelerated development build the right solution for you—not our bottom line.

A feature-rich stock trading platform for iOS, Android, and web

A healthcare patient engagement app brings revenue and productivity

An AI pricing algorithm for high-tech B2B and B2C products

“We understood that Turing had the talent, but what stood out to us was how fast the process was. Turing was able to vet, hire, and manage multiple teams in a few weeks, allowing us to continue our agile journey and stay focused on timeline and budget.”

Preetham Nadig, Head of Product & Engineering @ Zuellig Pharma

Get faster, flexible application development from a service provider who can help you transform and build something groundbreaking.

Global flexibility, scalability, and reach

Easily scale development resources, project scope, and more thanks to our global engineering talent network and “near-zero bench” operating model—no vendor lock-in or long term contract while enjoying on-time and on-budget delivery.

Engineering excellence and expertise

Our in-house experts and global developer network have built world-class products for the biggest tech and services companies around—put them to work for you!

AI-powered speed

Our development teams are built faster and are more productive than traditional teams thanks to our combination of AI tools and technology, meaning you get to market faster and beat your competition.

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