Stay in Touch with Turing

Thank you for joining our recent StartX Fundraising Workshop. We hope the insights shared by our CEO and co-founder, Jonathan Siddharth, will be helpful to you as you embark on your own fundraising journey.

Key Takeaways

– A deeper understanding of how to approach an effective round of fundraising, including how to think about SAFEs v/s priced rounds.

– The essentials of crafting a compelling investor deck. 

– The specifics of how to run a successful investor meeting. 

Partner with Turing Post-Fundraising

We invite you to stay in touch with Turing as you continue to scale your startup.

With over 3 million developers worldwide on our platform, our talent is deeply vetted for technical and coding skills across 100s of tech-stack combinations, cloud platforms, and seniority levels. Our global Talent Cloud allows you to rapidly assemble a high-quality tech team with cost efficiency. In particular, Turing can help in 3 ways:

1. Staffing – Deliver vetted talent

2. Services – Deliver projects end-to-end

3. Strategy – Help you think about AI as part of your product strategy

We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve nurtured with companies such as Reddit, Coinbase, and PepsiCo, who are thriving with Turing-built engineering teams.

Ready to scale your engineering capabilities? Book a call to speak with one of our Talent Cloud experts!

Hire high-quality remote developers with Turing and enjoy 100 complimentary development hours on up to 10 deeply vetted developers to scale your innovation and productivity faster.*

*100 hours redeemed after 3 full months of working with Turing, for 15% off for each of the 4 subsequent months afterward. 25 hours per month for 4 months on up to 10 developers. Offer applies exclusively to full-time hires.