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Accelerate your customer success, internal productivity, market share, and more with GenAI technology. Build products on top of customized enterprise LLMs and fuel your business innovation.

Top Generative AI Industry Applications An In-Depth Look

Top GenAI Industry Applications: An In-Depth Look

Uncover how GenAI is revolutionizing industries with a 30% increase in efficiency and innovation. Dive into real-world applications and success stories.

AGI Icons Charting the future with Sam Altman​

AGI Icons: Charting the future with Sam Altman

Watch CEOs Sam Altman and Jonathan Siddharth discuss the GenAI revolution and how to construct beneficial, and safe AI at Turing’s AGI Icons events.

Precision Code Validation for Enhanced LLM Reasoning​

Precision Code Validation for Enhanced LLM Reasoning

Enhance LLM reasoning accuracy by 40% with cutting-edge code validation techniques. Discover best practices and advanced methods.

Real-Time Data Analysis for Optimized GenAI Models

Optimize your GenAI models with real-time data analysis, achieving up to 50% faster processing. Learn how to implement and benefit from these strategies.

Expanding LLM Capabilities for Multistep Tasks​

Expanding LLM Capabilities for Multistep Tasks

Transform your LLMs to tackle complex tasks seamlessly with advanced Python integrations. Explore detailed methodologies and results.

Increasing Software Development Productivity with LLMs

Supercharge your development process and increase productivity by 35% using LLMs. Uncover techniques to integrate LLMs effectively into your workflow.

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State of GenAI Business Transformation

GenAI can help you build something transformative, but you need a partner with the right skills

Turing is the top choice for integrating GenAI into your business. Our expertise ensures you can fully harness GenAI’s potential, enhancing your capabilities in LLM reasoning, real-time data analysis, task automation, and productivity. With Turing, you get a clear, straightforward path to innovation and transformation through GenAI. Trust us to help you achieve your goals and stay ahead in the industry.

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Turing has helped 1000+ clients build innovative products across 40+ industries

As the most experienced generative AI systems integrator, only we have the right combination of expert consultants, technical professionals, and AI-accelerated project delivery to turn investment into advantage against your competition.

Predictive analytics and insights

Use generative AI to predict trends, user behaviors, and system performances for proactive decisions and optimized applications in real-time.

Customized enterprise LLMs

Elevate your enterprise capabilities with a bespoke large language model, enhanced through retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and supervised fine-tuning (SFT), for seamless integration with your workflows.

AI-powered code generation

Accelerate your development cycles with AI-driven code generation delivering accurate, maintainable, and scalable code tailored to your project requirements.

Automated testing and debugging

Streamline your quality assurance process with automated testing tools powered by generative AI, identifying and resolving bugs faster than ever before.

AI-assisted project management

Enhance your project oversight with generative AI, providing actionable insights for resource allocation, timelines, and cost predictions to keep your project on track and within budget.

GenAI talent as a service (TaaS)

Tap into our network of vetted technical professionals for model trainers, data scientists, and more on demand.

Preetham_Nadig (1)
Preetham Nadig

Head of Product & Engineering, Zuellig Pharma

We understood that Turing had the talent, but what stood out to us was how fast the process was. Turing was able to vet, hire, and manage multiple teams in a few weeks, allowing us to continue our agile journey and stay focused on timeline and budget.”

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