Traditional recruiting is over! In a digital-hungry, software-first world, traditional recruiting often falls short.

Kristy, the headhunter of a cloud-based unicorn, has been tasked with finding developers for a client project due next week. She tries connecting to her sources and sharing on her socials to find the right pool of developers within this short deadline but in vain. Kristy now has to go back and inform the client and ask for an extension for the kickoff. — Does this sound familiar?

Challenges like the one above are recurring problems for headhunters like Kristy and Human Resource officials, especially in a world with ever-shrinking deadlines and expanding talent pool. The conventional hiring process—with its prolonged recruiting cycles, delays in responding to candidates, and limited accessibility—is broken. Also, it can be inexcusably expensive!

What are the typical traditional recruitment challenges?

How can modern enterprises tackle these recruitment stumbling blocks head-on?

The answer is simple — by leveraging collaborative tech like AI (Artificial Intelligence). Lately, talent acquisition professionals have been experimenting with AI-driven technologies for their hiring process. Companies across the globe have enlisted automated resume screening software to fast-track the process.

This is where experts like Turing step in. Turing makes the process of onboarding even more seamless.

The Turing Talent Cloud

Turing provides the world’s most deeply vetted developers and teams, matched by AI.

Find Talent Fast

Get matched and engage with remote talent in 4 days or less

Access Global Talent Pool

Access high-quality, pre-vetted talent from a 50K global pool

Enable Cost-Efficiency

Find dedicated, quality talent without delays at a less cost-per-developer

Flexible Onboarding

Unlock staggered onboarding for strategic resource and capacity planning

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