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Join us for an insightful webinar on the best practices for hiring and retaining software developers from Latin America. This session will provide valuable information on the region’s coding skills, salary, English proficiency, and work culture. You will also learn how to effectively retain and engage these talented developers.


Coding Skills: 

Discover the high-quality coding skills and expertise of Latin American developers, who have been making a mark in the global tech industry.


Learn about the competitive salaries of software developers in Latin America, which are significantly lower than those in the United States.

English Proficiency: 

Gain insights into the English proficiency levels of Latin American developers, with Argentina leading the region in English skills.

Work Culture: 

Understand the unique work culture in Latin America, characterized by strong relationships, hard work, and a focus on family values.

Engaging and Retaining: 

Get practical tips on how to engage and retain Latin American developers, taking into account cultural differences and communication styles.

Unlock LATAM's tech talent and elevate your business with our insightful webinar on hiring and managing software developers.

Our Speakers

Meet the Panel Speakers

Turing LATAM Solutions

Gabriel Chaves

LATAM Senior Sourcing Specialist

Turing LATAM Solutions

Fernanda Zinger

Senior Manager of Developer Success

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