Tips and strategies to 100x your LLM training ROI

Efficient strategies make LLM training and development success possible. Empower your research teams without sacrificing your budget or business goals. Get our tips on strategic use, development of minimum viable models, and prompt engineering for a variety of applications.
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Accelerate your training efficiency, get to market faster.

Training LLMs shouldn’t tax your research, operations, and procurement needs. From data collection and processing—to development and deployment—discover scalable solutions to innovate on time and on budget.


LLM data collection methods, tools, and challenges


Understanding data processing technique for LLMs

how to

How to build an effective data collection and processing strategy


Understanding retrieval-augmented generation


Fine-tuning large language models


How to build a secure LLM

Building exceptional LLMs requires experienced training and development support.

$ 0 B

$40.8 Billion

is the expected global LLM market size by 2029. 1

40% of Enterprises

are concerned about data collection, processing, and privacy for commercial LLMs. 2

66% of CXOs

have trouble quantifying GenAI ROI due to funding and staffing challenges. 3

Turing has helped 1000+ clients, including some of the world’s leading LLM companies.

As the world’s first AI-powered tech services company, our unique combination of expert consultants, LLM training and development talent, and AI-accelerated delivery build the right solution for you—not our bottom line.

Data Labeling

High-quality data labeling provides accurate “ground truth” for superior model performance.

Fine-Tuning & RHLF

Data annotation, hyperparameter optimization, and reinforced learning models refine your LLM to perform at its peak.

Code Generation & Reasoning

Train LLMs for advanced code-related tasks like reviewing questions, comparing code alternatives, generating precise code snippets, and crafting corresponding questions.

Get faster, scalable LLM training and development from a service provider who can help you accelerate innovation.

Global flexibility, scalability, and reach

Easily scale development resources, project scope, and more thanks to our global engineering talent network and “near-zero bench” operating model—no vendor lock-in or long term contract while enjoying on-time and on-budget delivery.

Engineering excellence and expertise

Our in-house experts and global developer network have built world-class products for the biggest tech and services companies around—put them to work for you!

AI-powered speed

Our development teams are built faster and are more productive than traditional teams thanks to our combination of AI tools and technology, meaning you get to market faster and beat your competition.

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