New AI Initiatives for Intelligent Enterprises & Developers

At Turing, AI and machine learning are at the core of our company’s DNA and how we provide unparalleled value to our clients. Our AI experts have years of experience in designing and implementing AI at tech giants like Google, Meta, and Microsoft, and consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Capgemini.

With those experts, we are excited to announce these new initiatives supercharging how companies and developers achieve their goals with the power of AI.

For Companies

AI Transformation Accelerator

Unlock the full potential of your organization. This 4-week, timeboxed offering is designed to investigate and evaluate the potential impact of AI methodologies on your organization. 

We work with you to identify AI and data-driven solutions that can solve your business problems. We’ll help you establish an impactful and optimized path forward, supported by existing data, and create a roadmap for the implementation of AI solutions. This includes data collection and ingestion, AI/ML modeling methods, and an ROI framework.

AI Advisory Services

Get extensive AI knowledge and experience to revolutionize your business. Trusted by hundreds of companies and VCs, Turing is offering AI advice from our experts. 

This free service empowers companies to realize the numerous benefits of AI, gain a solid understanding of its fundamentals and core technologies, and ultimately unlock the full potential of AI and machine learning. With AI Advisory, companies will gain access to Turing’s extensive knowledge and experience, enabling them to frame their AI strategy and stay ahead of the curve.

AI-Enhanced Development

Supercharge software development with our AI-enhanced development pilot program. By leveraging our cutting-edge AI models, Turing developers can build with unparalleled speed, efficiency, and accuracy for faster project delivery, cost savings, and a competitive edge for your business. 

Discover streamlined workflows, enhanced productivity, seamless integration, expert support, and continuous improvement from the leader in AI-driven development.

For Developers

Tech Talk Series - How to Code with an AI Copilot

Become a 100x developer with cutting-edge AI training. Sharpen your skills to reshape software development.

The rise of AI presents the opportunity to augment your abilities and elevate your importance in an evolving tech landscape. 

Join us for a series of tech talks featuring global experts on AI-assisted development. This initiative aims to provide developers with the knowledge and tools necessary to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Already far along on your AI journey? Turing’s integrated consulting and delivery solutions can help solve your complex business challenges. Our AI services are tailored to each client’s specific needs and include AI strategy development, solution design, and implementation.